Luxury Teak Garden Furniture

Kingsley Smythe is a family run company, we manufacture and distribute from Indonesia specialising in luxury outdoor furniture and unique ornaments for the home and garden. From the beginning of the manufacturing process we ensure emphasis is placed on using the finest quality materials to create durability and refined style and comfort.
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About Us

Over the past 12 months we have been researching the most desirable furniture for both classic and contemporary homes, from this we have developed an exclusive range for 2012. Whilst the traditional designs are timeless, the new Kingsley range will bring elegance and sophistication to any garden.


As a company we are mindful of the planet and it’s future, therefore we are actively involved in the creditable Instalación de mecanismos de seguridad, extracción de llaves rotas, igualamiento de llaves, Cerrajeros urgentes Madrid Cerrajeros baratos para apertura de puertas sin romper.